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Heartburn and Indigestion: What's the Difference? with Dr. Richard Onishi | San Diego Health

Family medicine physician Dr. Richard Onishi discusses heartburn and indigestion, including symptoms, causes, treatment and more. Learn more:

0:55 - What is heartburn?
1:22 - What causes heartburn?
2:27 - What kind of acidic and citrus foods can cause heartburn?
2:54 - What are heartburn symptoms?
3:44 - Who is susceptible to heartburn?
4:54 - Why does heartburn happen during pregnancy?
5:33 - How can you tell the difference between heartburn and a heart attack?
7:08 - What is GERD?
7:47 - How can you treat GERD?
8:48 - Does chewing gum help relieve GERD?
9:08 - Does drinking water at room temperature help with digestion?
9:54 - What are medications that can help with heartburn?
10:54 - How often should you take heartburn medication? How long should you take heartburn medication?
11:16 - What are the side effects of heartburn medications?
13:03 - How do you treat heartburn during pregnancy without taking medication?
14:07 - Does indigestion go hand in hand with heartburn?
14:41 - How do you treat indigestion?
15:18 - When should you see a doctor for heartburn treatment?


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How To Stop Indigestion Fast

How to stop acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn. What are the most common heartburn causes, indigestion symptoms and acid reflux foods to avoid.

#acidreflux #indigestion #GORD

Warning signs:
Below are signs that you should see a doctor immediately for tests and a physical examination:
- Difficulty in swallowing
- Unexplained weight loss
- Unexplained low iron in the blood
- Vomiting fresh blood or black stools
- A new lump you can feel on your stomach
- Persistent vomiting or vomiting that takes longer than usual to stop
- Severe tummy pain that does not improve with medication
- You have previously had stomach ulcers
- Stomach cancer runs in your family at an age younger than 50

If you have questions that you want answered by Dr Sam about indigestion or otherwise, please leave a comment :)

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I'm a kiwi doctor who wants to make it easier for people to fix common health problems. I work as a family doctor in New Zealand.
Dr. Sam Bailey : What did you like most in this video? What would you like us to cover next? Let us know here
Alamin Garba : thank you doc!
Treasure Johnson : Please what can I take, because anytime I eat, I feel that the food hang on my throat, and it's happening about 2 days ago even till now, and my chest also, I don't know what to take
KOBE 24 : I took prednisone for my gout & now about 4 or 5 days later I feel this uncomfortable twisting feeling in my upper abdomen. Feels like ima have a heart attack smh, I do have a history with GERD, I even wake up sometimes literally gasping for air smh.

Any recommendations???
Rudolf Huijs : I started taking organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) since February 2019 for other reasons. Among other benefits digestion improved, fullness sensation, slight weight loss and no reflux or heartburn. Also, haven't been sick of common cold since then. But beware: if you happen to have some acid issues like gastritis or reflux, taking ACV could worsen your symptoms. Buy the one that contains "the mother", that's the one with greater benefits.
Ann Dauphine : I'm having indigestion everytime I have my period..and it comes with a migraine...
Bib Bub : Who searched this while they had indigestion
GalaxyGamer : I ate a ton tonight and my stomach well around my chest started hurting like 2hrs later and it just hurts it was either from eating too much or from this sauce I had with some salad idk but I feel like crap
ho ho ho he he he : The best cure for pain caused by indigestion is in fact a few good burps. And to help you to achieve them consume some mint. Also laying on your back with your knees bent will force some of the trapped gas to move down and you will fart
ModzillaTV : How pretty is she tho




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