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DSO150 testing and review: Is a new and "improved" $20 oscilloscope okay for a first scope?

I lightly go over the DSO150 (15001k, 15002k) and test its specifications to see if it comes anywhere close to what its supposed to.

Is it good? Is it bad? or does it lie somewhere in between... I still don't know, but will probably use it just for the mains isolation fact... and will take what it says with a grain of salt

I don't tear it down, but that is because I put it together from the beginning, and the case that it goes in is pretty annoying to fit together.
Surface Make for Fishing : Hi, I made the body to integrate the battery inside the DSO150. At the following link you can find the listing on ebay.
youtuuba : That is the main problem with this scope. They list only one frequency specification, and it is only for the analog section, saying up to 200kHz, and even that is a stretch, because the displayed signal sags about 5% or so when you get up near that frequency. As for the ability to display any kind of meaningful waveform that you can trust, I would say don't exceed 50kHz, and for best reliability don't go much above the normal audio frequencies range of about 20kHz. Keep it in that range and this scope can provide good service. But can it replace a 'real' scope....NO, unless your needs are very limited. Still, a handy item for some situations where size and portability are important...but then, wait! It is AC powered as provided, unless you rig up an external battery.
邢磊 : Just got this and works flawlessly☞☞>imgs.love/JOscilloscope?s71   Using to monitor my RV inverter sine waveform under various loads. Amazing scope for the money.
Steven Nelson : I looking to learn how to use it. I was hoping it could tell me if the diy power supply I build are putting out clean power. Recently I built many Op amp and amp kits from China. I was hoping to get the dso150 to tell me when it's clipping and get the voltage to calculate the watts. Thanks for the videos. Thanks for the Videos and any help to guys can give me
Phạm Thanh Vân : I need to test on Mainboard PC, Laptop Mainboard with frequency of 32.768KHz, 14.3Mhz, 33Mhz, 48Mhz, 66,100, 200Mhz, please ask is your machine can test? Thank you
Hektabyte : Seems fine for a 20$ instrument.
Andrew Mullen : Would this be a useful tool for ham radio equipment? Building,troubleshooting,etc.
DreidMusicalX : Now would this be alright for testing capacitors for guitars? Just to make sure which end gets soldered to the ground? I seen a video that says capacitors like Orange Drops are not always marked right.
Rahul Gaikwad : you've gotta voice like sylvester stallone
Alan Ramirez : Do you think that could work for test sound power amps?

Product Review: JYE Tech DSO150 Oscilloscope for 20$

Oscilloscope: https://www.banggood.com/Orignal-JYE-Tech-DS0150-15001K-DSO-SHELL-DIY-Digital-Oscilloscope-Kit-With-Housing-p-1093865.html?p=LP110411339423201706
Ron Thompson : Don't they make that scope now with a 5 volt rechargeable battery,I would buy the all ready assembled model,so you can go right to work with it.,anyone? Comments
20thCenturyBoy : Thanks so much for this explanation. Great video.
youtuuba : Therram, good for you in pointing out that, in spite of JYETech's specifications that say the bandwidth is up to 200kHz, that practically it is only really reliable in the audio range (up to 20kHz), and perhaps as high as around 50kHz if you are careful. Beyond that, it will display some very misleading waveforms.

Also good that you mentioned that the power supply is NOT included, but is required to make this work. I think you forgot to mention that the supply needs to have a 5.5x2.1mm sized barrel connector in order to fit the jack on the scope. It really should bu just any old 9V supply....it should be a regulated 9V supply, in order ot prevent accidental damage to the scope circuitry.

I also recommend spending a few more dollars for a basic oscilloscope probe, rather then the cheapo unshielded set of test leads that are included with the kit.

I wrote my own detailed, enhanced user's manual, and anyone interested can download the PDF of it from here:
http://www.serpentwebsite.com/fileshare.htm (it is at the bottom of the list).
MHB Channel01 : nice video
weerobot : PUN
normdoty : not a bad little deal. thanks for the video. looks good for some small jobs. if they add a second channel and external trigger i would MARRY IT. as well as buy one of them and sell my tektronics scope. when in ground mode the trace looks like it's responding to your voice, interesting problem, is that leakage from something or failure of the internal shielding ?? all in all it looks like a reasonable kit for the price. thanks again for the video. good work..
Bey Tek : works a treat i used mine on my turbo quadbikee trigger wheel
NESR : Hi great presentation, about save, try adj +sec/dev to save and trigger + adj to recall .hope it works for you, take care everyone.Mac
Karen Arredondo : I love this little scope imgs.love/JOscilloscope?l64 I was going to get one of the other two JYETech mini scopes but I am glad I went for the slightly more expensive model.
Ronnie Pirtle Jr : I'm going to guess on the power supply that it's positive Center?

Fake DSO 150 DIY Oscilloscope Kit worth it? | Gearbest

While surfing through the Internet I found this DSO150 DIY Oscilloscope kit and I already have DSO 138 which is a previous model and still works after 3 years. So I thought why not give it a shot and see if it is really worth it!



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For project-related questions use Facebook or Twitter @NematicsLab

Electronics Starter kit Tools:
Soldering Iron - https://www.banggood.in/custlink/DKGKUAqCKa
Solder wire - https://www.banggood.in/custlink/mv3vks2ROf
Helping Hands - https://www.banggood.in/custlink/vmvmMAqd0C
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Instagram - http://bit.ly/2XddQpe
Twitter - http://bit.ly/2IUhqMm

General Descriptions of Product

DSO 150 Shell has similar bandwitch as DSO138 but contains significant improvements in structure, mechanical, and operation.

Display and MCU are now mounted on the same board (mainboard) to avoid using inter-board pin-headers.

DSO 150 Shell comes with full enclosure. The front panel and top/bottom brackets are flexible for easy user modification.

Rotary encoder has been added. It makes parameter adjustment much quicker and easier.

The sensitivity of DSO Shell has been extended in both directions and is higher and wider than DSO138. It reaches 5mV/div --- 20V/div while DSO138 is only 10mV/div --- 5V/div.

DSO Shell kits are provided in two configurations, 15001K and 15002K. The difference between them is mainly on the analog board. 15001K has all SMD parts on the analog board pre-soldered and leaves through-hole parts for user to install. 15002K has no parts pre-soldered. All components (including SMD's) on the analog board are to be installed by user.
Daniel Edewaard : So sad!!!
Vidyabhushan Soni : TKQ
Ehsan Rahmatinia : I have this problem too, but after reading manual realized i put rotary encoder on the other side of small pcb, just install it on the other side of small pcb and enjoy.
Dofri NT20 : Really who the hell want to make fake from this cheap model ? Impossible
mickd6942 : Did you remove the resistor that shorts out the switches for initial testing R30 ?
Ron Thompson : I stop.shopping at gear best a long time.ago to many problems
The Deadly Sins : Use amazon.in get
MASTER SHOKA : it's not companies fault bro.you got scammed by shipping Company.i also ordered same and got all components perfectly with best packing
englishrupe01 : I can see now that your kit is a fake because it has no serial number sticker up near the crystal in the space on the back. Yours is missing (see at 2.16 , top left of the board is where it should be). You could always try though, by copying it from the boot screen and emailing them.
englishrupe01 : It actually tells you in the paperwork that if the values lock up it is meant to! It is designed to do this now because of fake ripoffs. You have to email jyetek@gmail.com with your board number (sticker on board) and they will email you back next day with the unlock code. Easy.....i just did it! Of course if it is a fake board they wont give you an unlock code. Can't blame them for that. But...buy it from Banggood($16)...or JYETech($43) and you will be OK.




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